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Engineering small business is derived from the experience of working for and with small businesses just like yours. We have been there with all the problems you may have faced with. This is why we came up with ESB.


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Engineering Small Business

About ESB

ESB or Engineering Small Business method was created as a response to our research questions why small businesses fail or survive. Over the past 17 years we have been working for and in small business entities, and that provided us with empirical evidence.

What we have found out shifted our paradigm, now it is your turn.

On Mr Bakhtiyor Khuja

Mr Khuja is the author of ESB method and of the concept of dynamic stability.

He has worked as a marketing, business development, customer support manager at several small and medium sized businesses in different countries.

Since 2006 he has been a small business owner offering online presence services to his clients from small business category of various industries in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, France, Canada, and South Korea.

His major area of theoretical and practical interest is small business in all phases from conceptualizing to transforming into medium size business.


Businesses from ultra to medium size in client base and work experience provide specific experience and evidence.

Applicable Solutions

ESB is not limited to industry, location, or online/offline specifics of the small businesses. We have made it work for all.

To Grow The Business

ESB is not only about today - it is also about building sustainable business that is ready to be developed further.

Free to Use
In Your Business

Self-study material is always free to use for the purposes of application to your own business situation.

"We would like to thank Bakhtiyor and his team of highly skilled professionals for an excellent job done for the benefit of our company’s expansion towards Russia."

"Bakhtiyor and his team successfully initiated and completed the project of marketing analysis for our Russian subsidiary. It is indeed a highly professional team"

“Since 2012 the team under supervision of Mr Khujaev has been working on our project. We are happy with the results we achived in performance and presence metrics”

“Mr Bakhtiyar Khuja was instrumental in deciding on further expansion to Russia. Though we had a representative office, we did not build a partner network, which turned out to be right”

What Clients Say About Us

Our clients are from different industries, countries, and most of them are still in small business category. Hear what they say about our expertise in developing or building a small business entity.

Engineering Small Business by Bakhtiyor Khuja

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Disclaimer of Liability

Engineering small business method and its components are provided as is, without author's responsiblity and/or liability for unauthorized use of ESB and its components.

ESB Method

Engineering Small Business by Bakhtiyor Khuja or ESB is the first systemic approach to small business development based on real life examples from specific niche.

ESB Worksheet

A worksheet with steps and sample data included for you to go through the ESB project