Once started as a short essay question for university application form in 2003, ESB became the only method to embrace small businesses of all sizes and industries

We have worked for and at various small businesses from several countries. Business owners were from different cultures, they had totally different educational backgrounds. Their businesses enjoyed unique mixes of online and offline operations. Their client base sometimes was in a single location, sometimes they were signing contracts all over the world. However, the problems they were running across were the same - lack of resources for the tools they wanted to implement which goes back to the even more obvious problem of inadequacy of existing capacity and sought tools and applied resources.

My clients were trying to arrange various sorts of old school or very advanced methods to gain more market share, they were purchasing quite expensive equipment to become #1 in their niche, or they were developing an app to manage dozens of employees.

Solutions they have been coming up with are very similar to drugs prescribed to get rid of cough - the consequence - when you have a seasonal virus - the cause, and in your case the immune system would fight back very quickly so that in about a week cough and fever would totally disappear.

Unfortunately, small businesses do not have an immune system trained during thousands of years and millions of generations - yet we have a clear idea of which problem is the cause and consequence.

That very analogy from health sciences made the whole difference in our thinking. We as a human civilization have surgery as a discipline, and ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, and on and on. Chemistry and biology, physics and maths, statistics and nuclear physics are the cornerstones of modern health science. We have had a tradition of studying human health as an object of research - or at least curiosity - from the very first days of consciousness - definitely much earlier than Homo Erectus became a separate species.

What we do not have is the tradition to study a specific activity of human beings, probably as ancient as an ability to grow crops - a distinct ability to act for making a profit by risk and initiative, or entrepreneurship.

No doubt the very fact we coined the term entrepreneurship means this is a state of being healthy for the business, and it opens doors to many new ideas and perspectives. We hope the shifting paradigm of entrepreneurship will bring in many brilliant achievements in theory and practice to provide people with the knowledge of what is the right, or healthy way of building and developing a small or midsize business.

We believe that someday in the future having a business will be as usual as to be healthy enough. We believe that creating value to communities and nations through billions of businesses will be as natural as physical exercises billions of people do on an everyday basis.

Bakhtiyor Khuja - Engineering Small Business

A Word From The Author

I grew up recognizing massive changes that affected millions of families in the former USSR during the rise and fall of different political and economical systems. The most fascinating observations and famly stories told by my gradfather and my father were how people were building their businesses in spite of turmoil, no matter what was on agenda - tsarism, socialism, communism, or capitalism. This is how, step by step, the question of what makes people successful in business became my major area of interest.

Bakhtiyor Khuja

Entrepreneur, Author of ESB

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The most useful findings are often inside the most obvious misunderstanding.

Our Approach

We rely on real businesses and meticulous analysis. Our job is to find out unique mix of resources and tools to make your business successful.

Our Mission

We want to transform the very understanding of entrepreneurship into simple and teachable human activity - without borders of geography, language, culture, race, or religion.

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Engineering Small Business by Bakhtiyor Khuja

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Engineering Small Business by Bakhtiyor Khuja or ESB is the first systemic approach to small business development based on real life examples from specific niche.

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