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Of A Balanced Business

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Starting your first small business

Initiating a project within an existing business

Moving from ultra to micro business

Moving from micro to small business

Stabilizing the business

Growing into a mid-size business

What is an ultra (small) business?

The first size category of the small businesses where the sole proprietor of the business fulfills all or most of functions or roles, rarely has an employee.

We'll Build a Business For You In 7 Steps

Step One. List your resources and tools

We will list everything related to your business - existing or planned one. All of the resources and tools available that constitute your business.

Step Two. Identify your alternatives

We will evaluate your plans - either you start a new business, or decide on growing your business to the next level, or even save the business.

Step Three. Searching for similar businesses

Upon understanding your plans we move on looking for existing businesses that fit your vision and expectations.

Step Four. Analysing similarities

Once we find model businesses, we analyse their features including but not limited to market share and position, resources, and tools.

Step Five. Create an exemplary model of the business

We construct paragons that have the features found during analysis of existing businesses, and categorise them among typical size groups - ultra, micro, small.

Step Six. Define the gaps in resources and tools

We will compare your project against paragon to find out the gaps in resources and tools available to your business.

Step Seven. Plan filling out the gaps

We’ll create a strategy to guarantee both filling out the gaps and running the small business effectively and efficiently - keeping it all balanced.

When your business needs a real analysis

ESB provides a clear and realistic plan of building a small business that will work for years. If you are thinking of various business-from-scratch ideas or choosing among franchise projects, or writing your business plan right now, Engineering Small Business will help you overcome uncertainty and understand your perspective.

No matter how hard it is building a small business, with ESB it wil be a lot easier to manage the time and resource consuming process.

Growing a mid-size business from a smaller one, transforming an ultra or micro business into the small business - our method will let you engineer the whole project of reaching your goal.


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Monthly subscription Ultrato be discussed

Email based consultation with 1 video session

Monthly subscription Microto be discussed

Email and chat based consultation with 4 video sessions

Monthly subscription Smallto be discussed

Email, chat, and video call based consultation with up to 10 video sessions

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ESB Method

Engineering Small Business by Bakhtiyor Khuja or ESB is the first systemic approach to small business development based on real life examples from specific niche.

ESB Worksheet

A worksheet with steps and sample data included for you to go through the ESB project